Energy Management

About Energy Management

Our Mission: To ensure that all academic/research programs. faculty, staff and, students are provided with reliable utility services in a cost-effective, environmentally responsible manner.



Our Responsibilities

Energy Management is responsible for the building envelope and energy operations. Energy Management and Facilities Design & Construction (FDC) collaborate on a number of energy conservation initiatives and best practices. Energy Management operates from centralized location located on the Coral Gables Campus and is staffed by qualified engineers, energy technicians, and HVAC mechanics that monitor energy and utility consumption.

Energy Management oversees the Energy Shop which also operates on the Coral Gables Campus and is responsible for coordinating the following:

  • Daily oversight of all building operations and performance of utilities distribution
  • Daily monitoring of utility plan operations to ensure optimization of performance
  • Coordinator of A/C scheduling requests to accommodate buildings needs
  • Integration of existing and new building mechanical systems
  • Utilization of metering systems to monitor utility performance and energy consumption
  • Tracking and cost allocation of building energy and utilities consumption
  • Budgeting and planning of load forecasting
  • Planning and management of campus wide energy conservation projects
  • Planning and assessment of renewable energy and new energy efficiency technologies
  • Energy planning and building standards implementation
  • Implementation of Control systems administration and operation
  • Continuous research and implementation of industry leading technologies

While actively collaborating on sustainable and behavioral programs, the Energy Management team works closely with the Department of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) and Green U in assisting the University's mission of continuously improving its compliance with health, safety, and environmental regulations and sustainability concerns. 

Our Campus Energy Committee holds monthly meetings to respond to the needs of the University's daily operations, develop communication and community educational programs to support energy campus-wide initiatives

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Leadership Team

Director, Energy & Building Systems - Jose Varona

Phone - 305-284-6319

Email -

Manager, Building Systems - Reidel Diaz

Phone - 305-284-4092

Email -