Cost Estimator

The Access System Project Cost Estimator provides an approximation of the cost of a project(s). The cost estimate has a single total value and may have identifiable component values.


You can now predict the quantity, cost and price of the resources required by the scope of a project by utilizing this new tool called Access Systems Project Cost Estimator (A.S.P.C.E).

The calculator will provide a full package of scope including infrastructure for a budgetary cost estimation.  A location may have existing infrastructure which will be deducted from the total cost once a survey and a walkthrough of the area is performed.


  • Download A.S.P.C.E to your local computer.
  • Review equipment items – (for more details click here)…..
  • After cost estimation is complete a service request must be submitted to request survey/walkthrough for Access Systems
  • Enter service request number into Notes area of the A.S.P.C.E.